Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Blogger formerly known as Shrop

You might be asking yourself where I've been...or actually you might not of even noticed I was gone, but be that as it may, I decided to make a post for many reasons. 1.) I haven't made one in right about 9 months. 2.) It's summer and I have very little to do so I thought I would record my random musings for the world wide web to enjoy. 3.) I have no car to go anywhere or do anything because sadly, the faithful Civic is on her last leg...or wheel...or whatever. Moment of silence please....OK moving on. 4.) I have a lot of things I currently adore at this present time and I felt it imperative to share them with you, the blogging community, immediately, so here goes, in no particular order:

1. To get the cheese factor over with early in the post, I'm going to say one of the things I love the most right now (and probably forever and ever amen, (shout out to Randy Travis)) is my fiancé and soon to husband (WHAT?!) Benjamin Strout. He loves the Lord, he's smart, he's funny, he fixes just about anything, he can build and design pretty much anything, he has such a sweet and tender heart, and those are just a few things. I am such a blessed woman to get to spend the rest of my days with my bestest friend... :) I mean look at that face...come on...
2. I have a new found love for Pandora Radio. It makes my days and moments oh so much more entertaining. Ever since Birmingham did away with the very best radio station in the history of the world (LIVE 100.5) I have missed hearing great new music, but then I remembered my good friend Pandora, who can created a station of your liking at the click of the mouse. If it plays a song you like and you want to hear more of it, give it a thumbs up. If you absolutely hate it and have no idea why your dear Pandora would ever choose to play that song for you, give it a big thumbs down and you'll never hear it's brilliant! A J. Timberlake Station, a Ben Folds station, an Amos Lee Station, Across the Universe Soundtrack, Luda, even a Glee Cast's fantastic. Which brings me to my next love...

3. GLEE! It probably comes as no surprise to most of you that I, without a doubt, love, Love, LOVE this show! As a veteran of "show choir" (though I must say we never did anything as awesome or to the caliber that New Directions has done, but anyway...) this show holds a special place in my heart. It combines all the things I love: music, sarcasm, quick wit and cutting pop-culture references, randomly breaking out into song, Broadway hits/stars, amazing dance sequences, guest stars like Neil Patrick Harris, and the lovely Mr. Schu. And that Sue Sylvester...the things she says...and with a straight's pure comic gold. AND my sweet Dominique informed me that the cast is going on TOUR this summer! If only I wasn't getting married and had to save every dime, I tell you, I would be there! Maybe I can register for it...

4. Now the next on my list is not so much a "love" as it is a "love/hate." Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred has become my newest frienemy (friend+enemy...duh). Since I'm getting married and it's the ONE DAY where it's OK for everything to be about you, I decided I needed to "shape up" for the big event. It's only 20 minutes (30 counting warm-up and cool-down), but it is the longest. 20. minutes. EVER. I have started this 3-level program many time and never quite made it past level 1, but for the first time (today actually) I officially moved on to level 2 and I can proudly say, with only a few modifications, I successfully completed it. Now I just have to stick with it...just keep thinking "wedding dress, wedding dress." I am hoping it pays off come July 10th and that I am, in fact, shredded...tastefully, of course. After all, I don't want to end up like this....

GEW!!! It's like Kelly Ripa on steroids.

5. Sephora. Now, this love is not new by any means. In fact, it is a place that, I think, for the rest of my life, I will constantly love and adore. I have never not gone into that store and spent more than necessary, but sadly, I am never disappointed with my purchases. From face powder (bless you Bare Minerals), to eye shadow (Bare minerals and even Sephora brand...they got it goin' on), to moisturizers (thank you Smashbox Photo Light Finisher), and perfumes (Pure Grace by Philosophy is pure genius), they have all your beauty needs. It's glorious. I will be sad to no longer like in The Summit where Sephora was merely a stones throw away. Oh well, that just means I will have to stop by there on my way home from work instead of whenever the crap I want...such sacrifice.

6. Next on my loves of the moment would be nail polish. In January, I stopped biting my nails (a habit I had perfected for over the past 20 years...seriously, no exaggeration) by keeping dark polish of sorts on my nails and before I knew it, I had nails. Only problem is now the anxiety relief I once used to feel in biting my nails is only felt by placing a fresh coat of polish on my nails. I have found the crazy the color, the more I love it. (Enter: the crazy, sparkly green polish I had on my hands the night I got engaged...Ben said it reminded him of some sort of Japanese car paint.) I do love softer colors as well; in fact, I just bought a nudish gold last night, which I am very excited about using. Right now I am enjoying "Read My Palm" by OPI by Sephora...a lovely greenish-blue shade. I could go on forever about my love of nail polish, so for that, I will move on

Well, I think that is all for now on my list of "loves." I am sure I could think of more and add to this list, but I'll save that for another post. Thank you for successfully waisting at least 5-10 minutes of your day reading about the useless things I enjoy. And please, feel free to contribute to the list...until next time...

Monday, September 28, 2009

The shot heard round the world...

So, ok I know I've taken a bit of a T.O. from the whole blogging thing, but that's because I felt as though I have had no hilarious antics to entertain you with, and truth is, I still REALLY don't; however, I do have a hilarious video from this summer that I have just not been able to get to cooperate on Facebook so I am left with no other option but to put it on here. It really is a magnificent sight...I think anyway.

This summer, Dom had the 1st anniversary of her 25th birthday (you might call it her, 26th birthday, but we believe otherwise) so in standard fashion, the night of Eva's wedding, we were left with no other option than to go to get birthday margs. And also, in standard fashion, since one Lucy T. Burrett was there, Dom was guilted into taking a birthday shot. Now, like all of us, Dom is no shot coneseur. We just don't take them. Plain and simple. And as a result, these videos ensued. You all are welcome.

Notice the intense force with which she pounds LudaChristopher King's arm. Bless him.

We need some encouragement and help from a neighbor, so a random named Jim came up to give Dom some pointers. And also, we each had to take a little sip of the shot to help Domma out. Anything we can do for the birthday girl.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Dance til you can't dance til you can't dance no mooooooore."

Summer is coming to an end. I have not made a post in over a month. This just goes to show my blogging life is a lot more interesting when school is in session. There are far more stories to tell, hi-jinks to share, laughs to be laughed, and so on and so forth. My summer of '09 has been one of laid-back nothingness; which I must say has been awesome. I have been a part of two of my best friends weddings and spent time with wonderful friends (woop woop little Eves and Jill), gotten myself a man (and the heavenly hosts rejoice), spent 5 fantastic days with my precious little Georgie (get my flat in NZ ready G!), been thoroughly trainined in all aspects of 2nd grade math and science (just call me Bill Nye), gone white water rafting (everyone should go rafting with Lucy Burrett at some point in there life, it's well worth it), and just plain enjoyed some time off to process my crazy 1st school year.

As I have stated in previous posts, with summer comes the departure of many great television shows; but alas, I have found a great substitute for those summer time TV watchin' blues. During my college years, I was never home in the summer to enjoy any summertime programming, but this past summer, I was able to enjoy a most spectacular of programs: So You Think You Can Dance. I've always caught the occasional marathon on VH1 or MTV, but I have never gotten to be in it during the actual time. I have to admit I am still not a totally 100% die-hard in there fan, but I do record it and watch it and enjoy it and have favorites...OK, I like the show a lot. I was very upset recently when Janette had to go home and I really want her former partner Brandon to win...because they are my favs. Anyway...I was making this post to share two of my very favorite dances (and one that I just discovered I liked) that the two of them did together. There have been other dances that are great and awesome, but to ME these are my two (now three) favorites by my two favorites because they are completely different dances and just shows how fantastical they are. And also makes me think I can dance, when we all know, that, my friend, is a lie from the pit...and it smells like smoke.

Here is Janette and Brandon's Argentinian Tango. Mmm. Yeah.

Here is a little hip-hop dance they did's a new fav of mine as I just stumbled upon it. She's a rocker, he's a hopper who wants to be a rocker...get it? Good.

And here is my favorite. Not because it's insanely awesome (though I think it is), but it's just fun. And Wade Robson is awesome. They're little thieves and they are just SO GOOD together. So sad she is gone. :(

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cockroach, oh cockroach, I hate you, you stink...

Living in the South, you become familiar with a very frightening, winged creature, whose very existence I still question. The 6-legged terror is known as the elusive, disgusting cockroach. From the Latin word Barata, this insect, belonging to the phylum Arthropoda, has been giving me (and countless others) fits for as long as I can remember. **Props to Wikipedia for the scientific information because we all know I didn't know that crap.** This picture alone is reason enough to start uncontrollable itching on my part along with a little vomit rising in my throat; you're welcome.

However, I do not post to tell you of my hatred for the cockroach, but to tell you a tale. Seriously, I'm becoming more and more nautious the more this picture is on my screen, so I am having to type to take its picture away; they are that sick to me. GEEEEEW! Anyway, back to the point. Everyone who has been a native to the South for more than a year knows that summer is, unfortunately, pique cockroach time. I'm unsure if the warm weather brings them out of their oak tree santuaries or if it's the smell of BBQ and the sounds of unbothered fun from unsuspecting humans or what, but for whatever reason, they come out in droves during these hot, hot Alabama months. Even if you live in a relatively clean and tidy place, you still find them, lurking in the bathroom, or, in the case of my story, buzzing through your friends apartment. *insert shudders from readers and looks of disgust*

Last week, Lucy, Dominique, Joy Tiley, and myself were enjoying a nice little Tuesday evening together sitting around Dom's living room; a little laughter, a little seriousness, a little red wine, a few "that's what she said" comments, the evening was going great. The events that proceeded the arrival of the roach are still unclear, but I believe that Dom was talking, making a fairly serious point about something, when all of a sudden, as if apparating from some unknown place, a giant FLYING cockroach soars through the living room and lands in Dom's dining room. There are 3 insects that I have a very hard time keeping my composure around; wasps, bees, and cockroaches (spiders don't count since they are arachnids, but I do also have a hard time keeping my composure around them as well, what up) and apparently I am not the only member of this Fantastic Foursome that has this problem because when we saw the roach, every one of us screamed at the top of our lungs. You would've thought an armed robber had just burst through the door with the sounds that came out of that place, but no, it was merely my arch-nemisis, la cucaracha.

Shouts and screams of "Get a shoe! Get a shoe! Kill it, kill it!" resounded throughout the room as poor Dom (the only one NOT standing on a piece of furniture) ran to find some sort of footwear to bring this miserable creature to its death. She hit it over and over and over again on her dining room carpet and even backed it into a corner, where it appeared motionless and lifeless, meeting the death it very much deserved. I decided to "man up" and spray it with some scented Lysol (there was no bug spray, ok) just to ensure its death. As I walked over and sprayed it, to all our surprise, the little s.o.b. began to quickly skirt about the place as we all began to scream and yell once more. According to Dr. Joseph Ayers, "The cockroach’s speed is due to the design of its legs and body. It has a stable posture with a low center of gravity. The legs are essentially blind thrusters, pistons angled just the right way, so it will inevitably scramble over objects in its path, whether it sees them or not." Whatever, Dr. Ayers, they still suck.

So, after that, Dom quickly puts the tennis shoe back on top of it, but she can't get to an angle to put enough weight on it without lifting the shoe and releasing the sick little beast, so I stepped up, literally, and ran to stand on top of the shoe, squishing the pest with all my might. We waited a good minute or more, just to make sure he was dead, and when Dom took the shoe off the winged beast, I SPRINTED and SHRIEKED to the nearest couch because I just knew it wasn't going to be dead. FALSE: it was. And I looked like a jack-a. After that we were left with the dilema of who is going to pick up the vile, shredded pieces of the roach. Lucy stepped up to do it (notice, Tiley, completely absent from the killing of the roach. No shame, Tiley, I wish I would've been. I do believe your shoe was the one that killed it, so there's your contribution). Lucy went and got about 1 million paper towels and when she went to pick up the remains, she began to gag, but tried to pick it up anyway. She had a hit and miss, though, and got nothing, gagged some more, threw down the paper towels and said, "I can't do it, I can't do it!" I believe, yet again, Dom came to the rescue, picked up the thing, disposed of it, releasing us from our cockroach hell.

This was one of those moments in my life that I wish I had a video camera set up because we could've definitely sent that thing into AFV and made the big bucks. Be that as it may, you will have to settle for my written, slightly dramatic, retelling of the event. Regardless, it's still pretty hilarious.

I can't promise that if I saw someone dressed like this at any sort of costumed gathering I would be able to resist hitting them with a shoe over and over again, just out of habit.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Back by popular demand...

So seems as if many people are in desperate need of some Shrop love--AKA Joy and Lauren said to post one of my favorite pictures of myself. Ok, now I know that sounds a bit vain, and it probably is, BUT you will notice, it is not a Glamour Shots '05 type photo. I think I like it because I look like a small child (which, let's be honest, I am half the time due to spending half of my time with small children). It is from my first Beach Project in PCB swimming in the pee-infested pool at the Aqua View Dive Inn. A hole in the wall among castles and kings, if I do say so myself, the Aqua View will forever live in emphamy for it's lack of water pressure, creepy/angry Russian landlord and crying wife, and wild antics that carried on at all hours of the night. So...without further interruption...I give :)

Now isn't that just the happiest face you've ever seen in your life? Come on now.

I've also decided to include some random photos from random points from random summers. Could I use the word random anymore?

This is the cow that ruined my life on my Mexican camping trip and ate all my Animalitos. That B.

This is my precious, sweet, wonderful Mexican amiga Gloria (or Glo) that I miss more and more everyday. Plus we're awesome because we put Gummy Bears on our heads...Mexican colors, of course. Te quiero mi amiga!

Never ever let a group of hungry Americans ravage a Carl's Jr. in Guadalajara, MX because there will be a shortage of hamburgers for at least the next 2 weeks...and some definite plumming problems. WHAT UUUUP.

A fairly accurate depiction of my wardrobe for most of the summer of '06. Sponge Bob Fiesta Pants, whaaat?!

What Super Hero roller skating social would be complete with a visit from this lovely gentleman? Oh, my Johnny, how I love thee.

This isn't actually from the summer, but I just wanted to post it in honor of seeing my Georgie this summer.

So, this picture is a kick-off to this summer...Dom and a Mexican moo-moo is maybe the best thing ever. True story.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"I like it when girls stop by for the summer..." Thank YOU LFO

Ah, L.F.O., or Light Funky Ones as you were formerly're one hit wonder about Cherry Coke, Fun Dip, and Abercrombie & Fitch always takes me back to the glorious days of it's a lyrical masterpiece. So in honor of Joy K. Allen...

This summer will you....
1..Dye your hair? Negatory. I have the dubious honor and gift from the Lord above of blonde hair that I don't have to dye/highlight. It's the one thing I got that I can "brag" about. Just call me Samson.

2. Get a tan, or burn? If you know me, do you really need to know the answer to this question? (Tan, duh, I'm an addict...Intervention, please?)

3. Go on vacation/trip? Well, I will be traveling to HOTlanta to see one of my PRECIOUS WONDERFUL FABULOUS AMAZING HILARIOUS BEAUTIFUL bestest friends GEOOOORGIE STENT and then going to the MOB some, but no big concrete hardcore plans.

4. Go camping? Don't have any and camping have never really meshed well...something about the bugs...and the cramped tent...and the rocks that generally dig into my spinal chord as I sleep.

5. Plant flowers? Not unless I plan on planting them outside by my Club MTV pool in my fantastic apartments.

6. Play in the sprinkler? Negative...the art seems to of lost it's magic and luster for me. I freakin owned that thing though when I was a youngin.

7. Have a job? Technically yes because I am still employed by the state even though I do get the summer off, but don't go saying I don't have a "real" job because, I do, it just has awesome vacation time...that all falls at the same time.

8.Go on any road trips? A mini one to ATL...Jorgita get the Alanis ready...yeaaaaaah.

9. Do anything with your family? Of course...the sister is up here and I'll be home in the MOB playing with my precious mother and sister and rest of my fam because I won't have crap else to do after AMSTI gets done taking over my life.

10. Do anything with your friends? But of coooooourse! You gotta love a good Wine Down Thursday as well as some classic Club MTV pool time, PLUS there are weddings weddings and more weddings PLUUUUUUUUUUUS I get to hang out with my Georgie PLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS my other two favs Jillian and Eva are having their bachlorette fiesta this weekend which will be AMAZING plus Guster plus so much more this sentence doesn't even make sense anymore.

11. Spend your money or save it? Considering most of my days will be free...I'm gonna plead the 5th. :)

12. Do anything you’ve never done before? Be in someone's wedding who is not related to me annnnnnnnd go to the ATL aquarium with G-Money...I'm livin large, I know, I know.

13. Who will you spend the most time with?My fantastic and hysterical friends, my hilarious family, and my glorious DVR...I told We had the was everything I ever hoped for and more.

15. Favorite food on the bbq: Burgers and hot dogs...but mostly burgers...mmmm, delightful.

16. Favorite summer drink: Margs (but they're really great anytime of year, let's be real) and, um, Diet Coke? I'm not much of a "seasonal" drinker...but Icees are amazing, Dom.

17. What do you look forward to when summer comes? SLEEPING! And the sun staying out to play later, and dusk, OOOH, and playing in the water. And eating outside. And laying out. And wearing dresses. And I'm done.

18. Would you rather it be winter? Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllll to the naw. You can't eat dinner outside in the winter, which is one of my favorite things to do (yeaaah Dom)

19. How many times will you hit the beach? I mean I hope at least once (to see my sweet Lesley), but who knows...times like these when I miss the Gulf Coast. Birmingham=mountainous hills=not the flat white sandy beaches of the coastal region.

20. Do you go camping? Been there, done that, didn't buy the t-shirt because it wasn't that awesome....but it was in Mexico...and I did sleep on top of a giant rock...and I did have to listen to Johnny and Matt playing stick ball with dirt rocks and Jill cheer them on the homerun victory. That part was hilarious, the being sick to my stomach/sleep deprived/having all my animalitos (animal crackers) taken out of my back pack by a wild cow and eaten...not so awesome.

21. Flip flops or shoes? Flippy floppies...Havaianas if you pleeeeeeease.

22. River or pool? Um, don't really do open bodies of water, but I'm all about LOOKING at them and SITTING by them, but I love a pool.

23. Shorts or dresses? No me gusta shorts, but te quiero a cutsie dress!

24. Favorite summer treats? Hawaiian shave ice and Pop-Ices and BEING ABLE TO SLEEP! What uuup.

25. Favorite summer memories? Oh me, oh my... when I was little playing flashlight tag way late at night or any other late night rendevous we may of had as children, spending all day at the swim club and getting the "white trash ballpark sunburn" under my eyes, sitting on my grandmothers patio eating pickles and pop-ices and shelling peas, living in the room with a tiolet that didn't flush...ever...or have water pressure higher than that of an eyedropper in PCB at Project my first summer, working at the Holiday Inn and dressing up like Sponge Bob my 2nd summer, taking every sort of mode of transportation (walking, hitching, bus, taxi) to get to a mall in Guadalajara, Guadalajara as a whole, pretty much anything involving summer is my favorite...I can't deny it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Where, oh where, have my TV shows gone?

May is always a good month. Summer comes, the weather is changing into prime pool time weather, the sun sets later giving us ample daytime playtime, and the best thing of all, I get some time off work. Some have told me teachers don't live in the real world since we get a "2 month break," but let me assure ALL of you that teachers need summer otherwise the amount of teacher/student battery cases as well as the numbers in the psych ward would rise dramatically. However, with May also comes a sad, sad time: season finale time.

Yes, I watch TV. Yes, I watch a lot of TV. Some might even say I have a "relationship" with my television. So what if I have a show (sometimes 2) each night that are scheduled to record on my DVR? Don't hate, appreciate. This past year did not disappoint in the television department. From 24 to American Idol to The Office to How I Met Your Mother, I have been entertained all spring long. So many questions are left unanswered. How is Jack Bauer going to come out of this biohazard sickness alive? When are Jim and Pam going to tie the knot? Before or after they have their little Jam baby (Jim + Pam, what up)? Who IS Ted Mosby's (*wink* architect) wife and WHEN will we meet her? And most importantly, how many pieces of hate mail are the producers from American Idol going to get from queens, hags, and middle aged women across the country due to Adam Lambert's "shocking" loss?

I could probably talk forever about my opinion on AI this season. One thing is for sure, I wanted sweet little Allison to win or that precious Danny Gokey. They were both amazing. COME ON! Maybe I'm biast because they both have raspy voices and give hope to vocal nodgal suffers everywhere, but I just love them. Don't get me wrong, Adam Lambert has talent, but he belongs on Broadway, and I believe I would know. I mean, after all, I did do choir tour. Em-bar-ass-ing.

SPEAKING of choir tour, I could not be more excited about Fox's new show coming on in the Fall, Glee. There was a special sneak preview after Idol on Tuesday, and it was hilarious, and also complete with numbers from several of my favorite musicals. Seriously, who is going to pay for my all access pass to Broadway? I'm going to need that to happen, A-SAP. You can make donations and checks payable to Katie Shropshire. All donations will be tax deductible. Maybe.